The Albers Family


Hello! Wow, I have not photographed a family (or anything really) in quite a long time. And truthfully, I haven’t had the time or energy to either, therefore I have kindly turned down and referred all inquires the past couple years. However, for whatever reason I felt the desire to say Yes to the Albers family. When Andie first contacted me I did exactly what I stated above and said I didn’t have time, yet I appreciate the contact. Yet, her reply to me was so authentic and kind that it made me stop and consider. In an essence I was reminded of my talent and abilities as a photographer and that I have not accessed this creative side of me in so long–which is really sad. Therefore, I made the time to document the Albers family, not just for them, but for me too. I need to feel creative and I need to feel like I “still have it in me,” because when something lays dormant it can be forgotten, which I never want to happen with my creative abilities as a photographer & artist.

So without further adieu, here are a few lovely images of the sweet Albers family. They were SO sweet and easy to be with. Although you cannot tell it rained almost the whole shoot, it did! Luckily the leaves and trees created  a safe haven for us to continue. They trusted me when I told them we could still create great images despite the rain, and they went for it! I’m glad we stuck it out. Sweet Alba, their daughter was such a peach. Both Jake and Andie were so tender with Alba and did whatever they needed to help her feel comfortable. It’s evident their family is rich in love, patience, and kindness. . . Thank you for trusting me and desiring me to document your family. With love,


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“What else, mommy?”

“What else, mommy?” Elijah says taking my “order” with pen & paper in hand. “Hmm, I’ll have pancakes!” I say. “OK!” he says while making scribbles on his notepad. . . “What else, mommy, what else?”

I am dazzled by the imagination & innocence of my child. The purity of children is to be held as one of the most revered experiences a human can have. I am beyond grateful to be invited into the sacredness of my son’s precious lens through which he experiences life.


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Amidst the Mundane

Amidst the Mundane

I recently described life to a friend as “robotic,” or the same thing on repeat. I have come to terms with the season of life my family is in; however, I am trying to figure out how to capture more creativity and wonder a-midst the mundane. I’m choosing not to become too wordy or detailed (as I would when I write in my journal), however I’m certain if you can relate to his idea you can insert your own story. Therefore, I’m throwing this out there–this need to find and feel wonder when it requires so much effort to do so.  The image below communicates the very heart of what I hope for.

I took this double exposure almost 2 years ago. The first exposure of the photograph, the silhouetted sculpture, is titled “Rush Hour” by George Segal (It’s on display at the Nelson-Atkins.) It depicts a group of people walking, gloom faced, in long rain jackets. It’s a bit depressing to say the least. The second exposure is the vibrant and detailed pattern, which was on the side of a temporary exhibit at the Nelson. The exposures are opposite, yet complimentary. Therefore, this is my hope–to cultivate space for wonder to illuminate the drab areas of my life.

Jewel Anderson, All Rights Reserved.

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The Van Kirks

010_VanKirks2015Oh, my sweet and dear friends–the Van Kirks. I have been very dear friends with Laura for a number of years. She’s one of those rare to find friends who I am deeply kindred to. In a single conversation we can be to the deepest of depths, yet also crack a joke and be belly laughing moments later. We were once roommates (which was the best!!), were both bridesmaids in each others’ weddings, and also had our first babies a month apart! Laura married Kyle–the coolest–, and had the sweetest of sweets–Charis. Geeze, they are the best. I could say a bajillion things I love about them. These photos are to capture the last few months before Van Kirk baby #2 arrives! As joyful and exciting growing a family is there is also a tinge of sadness with changing family dynamics. Therefore, here are a few images capturing the 3 before they become 4. They are also moving to Washington D.C. for the summer–which is where baby #2 will be born! Wowza, I know. This speaks to their adventurous side and also their steadfast trust in God. I love their spirit in how they make decisions for their lives. I want to be like them in this way. So, here ya go–a few pics of my wonderful friends–the Van Kirks. Muah!

013_VanKirks2015017_VanKirks2015 Duo028_VanKirks2015031_VanKirks2015 032_VanKirks2015033_VanKirks2015 039_VanKirks2015

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Josh & Sarah


This is Josh & Sarah.  Josh is brother to my dear friend Julie and Sarah is not just her sister-in-law but a true friend whom we (Julie’s friends) adore. I have always admired Julie’s sibling relationship with them–it’s the kind of sibling bond I think most people long to have.  Josh and Sarah are the quintessential outdoorsy kind of folk. They are former Colorado residents and are current Oregonians, where Josh studied vitecology and works at a vineyard. They are bad-A in just about everything they do–cycling, hiking, climbing, and well anything.  When Julie told me Sarah had won some crazy uphill cycling race you can imagine I was scared out of my mind when I rode with them for the first time in Boulder CO. I had already planned to blame my rookie cycling skills on the altitude, however I also knew the “altitude” wouldn’t be a strong enough case to cover my butt. I was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t care at all about needing to ride at their usual caliber. I felt accepted and at ease, which is my consistent experience of them.  Josh is funny. He often  has a coy smile and a look of mystery on his face. I sometimes think he thinks I’m kind of ridiculous, however I’m convinced this is a part of his humor. Sarah is “sweet as pie” (a classic Julie phrase). She’s incredibly talented at many things including sewing, painting, cycling, etc. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is and she’s far more adored by Julie and her friends than she likely knows.

Around a year ago we learned Josh has lung cancer, and because of Julie’s deep bond and her unfailing love for Josh and Sarah I feel deep sadness. Suffering is not an easy topic to discuss openly, however one thing I know is avoiding it can be far worse than at least trying to fumble through addressing it.  As a counselor I am in the face of pain often. I have a deep conviction about living an honest life, however their pain is not mine to share. My experience as Julie’s friend has been heartbreaking. I felt honored and also enjoyed photographing Josh and Sarah. There is something very real, yet strange about learning about joy through suffering–i.e. not taking life for granted and truly cherishing your loved ones. Phrases such as this can often sound trite until you experience pain. . . Josh & Sarah, thank you for allowing me to document this time of life. You two are so loved.


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Sara & Adam


I realize I may sound trite, yet I must say I am finding it difficult to put into words what a beautiful & holy love story these two have.  Sara is a very dear friend to me.  There are few people like her. She is known by many as: vastly generous, deeply caring, rich with wisdom, intelligent, beautiful, and devoted.  Sara’s presence oozes with empathy and understanding. With a slight tilt of her head, locked eyes, and her sweet gentle voice she can make anyone unload the deepest of depths within their heart. It’s true. And although she is one of the most gentle and sweet souls I know she is also one who loves a good prank and a sweaty mountain hike. Sara passionately embraces beauty and whimsy, yet does not “live in the clouds.” She thinks deeply and loves long-lasting deep conversation about Bonhoeffer & C.S. Lewis. She fights to exploit what is true and is cherished by many. Adam. Oh, Adam. What a perfectly suited man for Sara. Although I do not know Adam as deeply I do know his strengths compliment Sara. Adam is an honest man. Although a simple phrase, I don’t say that lightly. Adam strives to live a life dedicated to what is true, even when it’s difficult. Sara describes Adam as one who is built for commitment. Sara and Adam humbly work to understand one another at whatever cost and with the desire to grow. These two were introduced while living half-way across the country, yet through their closest of friends. It was over a short amount of time, emails, long phone calls into the night (let’s be honest–morning), and plane rides, before Adam moved to Kansas City. I am baffled thinking of the collective joy experienced by the thought of Adam & Sara getting married. And I have no capacity to think of the amount of true good that will come from these two joining lives. Sara & Adam are loved by many and I just know that it will be a celebration of celebrations as they join together in the covenant of marriage. 010Sara&Adam_2014017Sara&Adam_2014020Sara&Adam_2014025Sara&Adam_2014024Sara&Adam_2014023Sara&Adam_2014026Sara&Adam_2014030Sara&Adam_2014032Sara&Adam_2014035Sara&Adam_2014044Sara&Adam_2014052Sara&Adam_2014050Sara&Adam_2014057Sara&Adam_2014

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Rhett Valentine

BLOGHEADER015Rhette_Valentine2014Ohhh, the Jackson family. It seems as though I just took Brad & Blair’s engagement pictures. It warmed my heart when I found out Blair was pregnant–I always knew she would make such a sweet mama & she is! Blair has such an unassuming, kind, and welcoming spirit. And although I don’t know Brad as well he seems laid back, kind, and is so sweet to Blair. They made parenting look easy when I was with them a couple weeks ago–they are natural born parents. I have no doubt sweet Rhett is going to grow up knowing she is loved.

So, without further aeidu here is the Jackson family having welcomed sweet little lady Rhett Valentine.

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Sweet Riley Marie

Sweet Riley Marie

023Riley_HamiltonGreg and I are beyond fortunate to have such a wonderful community of friends. 3+ years ago we got married during the year of wedding jubilee–5 of our friends, including us, married in 2010. Now, the next best thing is happening and we are all having babies! Jason & Mindy got married a few months before us and now had their sweet little Riley Marie just a few months before our little guy comes. What a gift, right? To grow and mold with our friends through similar life stages. We are lucky to go through this together–dating, engagement, marriage, pregnancy & now little babies! I love it.

Here are a few images of the newest little lady to the Hamilton family–Riley Marie. She is beyond beautiful and so sweet. She’s a little one, which makes her that much more endearing. Cheers to going through life at the pace of each other.
002Riley_Hamilton007Riley_HamiltonRiley_Verticals 029Riley_Hamilton025Riley_Hamilton I’d be remiss if I did not add a sibling photo-Addi & Riley032Riley_Hamilton

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Autumn & Bill

wp-content-uploads-2013-07-blogheaderWow. It has been a long time since I’ve 1. photographed an engagement session (or anything for that matter) and 2. blogged! I was really excited and flattered Autumn asked me to take her and Bill’s engagement pictures. I’ve backed off from photography a lot given I’m in graduate school, but I have rare bursts of free time when I actually have the time to say yes to shoots. Autumn & Bill were really fun to be with. Autumn is Greg and I’s good friend Jake’s sister. Jake is one of Greg and I’s favorite people, so I was even more excited to be with Autumn. Bill & Autumn dated long-distance between Denver & Kansas City for awhile.  Seeing one another every other weekend and taking occasional vacations the two made their relationship work.  Although Autumn was sad to say goodbye to the Colorado mountains, moving back to KC was well worth the sacrifice of environmental beauty to be with Bill.  I love seeing people make sacrifices for one another–to say goodbye to the things they love or prefer in order to ultimately gain the best reward of marriage.  Autumn & Bill were really funny throughout our shoot.  They are both really sarcastic, but clearly adore one another.   It’s clear in the photographs how sweet these two are together. Autumn & Bill, I hope your Mexico wedding is amazing!! I wish Greg and I could be the ones to document your day. : )   wp-content-uploads-2013-07-030autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-013autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-014autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-016autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-boots_duowp-content-uploads-2013-07-033autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-026autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-043autumn_bill_2013wp-content-uploads-2013-07-kauffman_duowp-content-uploads-2013-07-046autumn_bill_2013

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This is my sister Alissa and her daughter (my niece) Ariana. I took these on Thanksgiving and have not had the time to work on them till now. I thought I’d post a few to show off two of who I love so much. I love you, Alissa & Ariana!!


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