Amidst the Mundane

Amidst the Mundane

I recently described life to a friend as “robotic,” or the same thing on repeat. I have come to terms with the season of life my family is in; however, I am trying to figure out how to capture more creativity and wonder a-midst the mundane. I’m choosing not to become too wordy or detailed (as I would when I write in my journal), however I’m certain if you can relate to his idea you can insert your own story. Therefore, I’m throwing this out there–this need to find and feel wonder when it requires so much effort to do so.  The image below communicates the very heart of what I hope for.

I took this double exposure almost 2 years ago. The first exposure of the photograph, the silhouetted sculpture, is titled “Rush Hour” by George Segal (It’s on display at the Nelson-Atkins.) It depicts a group of people walking, gloom faced, in long rain jackets. It’s a bit depressing to say the least. The second exposure is the vibrant and detailed pattern, which was on the side of a temporary exhibit at the Nelson. The exposures are opposite, yet complimentary. Therefore, this is my hope–to cultivate space for wonder to illuminate the drab areas of my life.

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