Rhett Valentine

BLOGHEADER015Rhette_Valentine2014Ohhh, the Jackson family. It seems as though I just took Brad & Blair’s engagement pictures. It warmed my heart when I found out Blair was pregnant–I always knew she would make such a sweet mama & she is! Blair has such an unassuming, kind, and welcoming spirit. And although I don’t know Brad as well he seems laid back, kind, and is so sweet to Blair. They made parenting look easy when I was with them a couple weeks ago–they are natural born parents. I have no doubt sweet Rhett is going to grow up knowing she is loved.

So, without further aeidu here is the Jackson family having welcomed sweet little lady Rhett Valentine.

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  1. Sara August 2, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

    jewel. so beautifully shot. such beautiful subjects. the black and white of b and rhett on the rug is perfect. well done.

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