Sara & Adam


I realize I may sound trite, yet I must say I am finding it difficult to put into words what a beautiful & holy love story these two have.  Sara is a very dear friend to me.  There are few people like her. She is known by many as: vastly generous, deeply caring, rich with wisdom, intelligent, beautiful, and devoted.  Sara’s presence oozes with empathy and understanding. With a slight tilt of her head, locked eyes, and her sweet gentle voice she can make anyone unload the deepest of depths within their heart. It’s true. And although she is one of the most gentle and sweet souls I know she is also one who loves a good prank and a sweaty mountain hike. Sara passionately embraces beauty and whimsy, yet does not “live in the clouds.” She thinks deeply and loves long-lasting deep conversation about Bonhoeffer & C.S. Lewis. She fights to exploit what is true and is cherished by many. Adam. Oh, Adam. What a perfectly suited man for Sara. Although I do not know Adam as deeply I do know his strengths compliment Sara. Adam is an honest man. Although a simple phrase, I don’t say that lightly. Adam strives to live a life dedicated to what is true, even when it’s difficult. Sara describes Adam as one who is built for commitment. Sara and Adam humbly work to understand one another at whatever cost and with the desire to grow. These two were introduced while living half-way across the country, yet through their closest of friends. It was over a short amount of time, emails, long phone calls into the night (let’s be honest–morning), and plane rides, before Adam moved to Kansas City. I am baffled thinking of the collective joy experienced by the thought of Adam & Sara getting married. And I have no capacity to think of the amount of true good that will come from these two joining lives. Sara & Adam are loved by many and I just know that it will be a celebration of celebrations as they join together in the covenant of marriage. 010Sara&Adam_2014017Sara&Adam_2014020Sara&Adam_2014025Sara&Adam_2014024Sara&Adam_2014023Sara&Adam_2014026Sara&Adam_2014030Sara&Adam_2014032Sara&Adam_2014035Sara&Adam_2014044Sara&Adam_2014052Sara&Adam_2014050Sara&Adam_2014057Sara&Adam_2014

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  1. sara b September 29, 2014 at 4:12 am #

    sweet jewel.

    we will treasure these pictures forever. a thousand thank yous.


    sara and adam

  2. Rachel October 18, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    These are so beautiful. It’s as though you’ve captured all those things you wrote; their true essence.

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