The Albers Family


Hello! Wow, I have not photographed a family (or anything really) in quite a long time. And truthfully, I haven’t had the time or energy to either, therefore I have kindly turned down and referred all inquires the past couple years. However, for whatever reason I felt the desire to say Yes to the Albers family. When Andie first contacted me I did exactly what I stated above and said I didn’t have time, yet I appreciate the contact. Yet, her reply to me was so authentic and kind that it made me stop and consider. In an essence I was reminded of my talent and abilities as a photographer and that I have not accessed this creative side of me in so long–which is really sad. Therefore, I made the time to document the Albers family, not just for them, but for me too. I need to feel creative and I need to feel like I “still have it in me,” because when something lays dormant it can be forgotten, which I never want to happen with my creative abilities as a photographer & artist.

So without further adieu, here are a few lovely images of the sweet Albers family. They were SO sweet and easy to be with. Although you cannot tell it rained almost the whole shoot, it did! Luckily the leaves and trees created  a safe haven for us to continue. They trusted me when I told them we could still create great images despite the rain, and they went for it! I’m glad we stuck it out. Sweet Alba, their daughter was such a peach. Both Jake and Andie were so tender with Alba and did whatever they needed to help her feel comfortable. It’s evident their family is rich in love, patience, and kindness. . . Thank you for trusting me and desiring me to document your family. With love,


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