The Van Kirks

010_VanKirks2015Oh, my sweet and dear friends–the Van Kirks. I have been very dear friends with Laura for a number of years. She’s one of those rare to find friends who I am deeply kindred to. In a single conversation we can be to the deepest of depths, yet also crack a joke and be belly laughing moments later. We were once roommates (which was the best!!), were both bridesmaids in each others’ weddings, and also had our first babies a month apart! Laura married Kyle–the coolest–, and had the sweetest of sweets–Charis. Geeze, they are the best. I could say a bajillion things I love about them. These photos are to capture the last few months before Van Kirk baby #2 arrives! As joyful and exciting growing a family is there is also a tinge of sadness with changing family dynamics. Therefore, here are a few images capturing the 3 before they become 4. They are also moving to Washington D.C. for the summer–which is where baby #2 will be born! Wowza, I know. This speaks to their adventurous side and also their steadfast trust in God. I love their spirit in how they make decisions for their lives. I want to be like them in this way. So, here ya go–a few pics of my wonderful friends–the Van Kirks. Muah!

013_VanKirks2015017_VanKirks2015 Duo028_VanKirks2015031_VanKirks2015 032_VanKirks2015033_VanKirks2015 039_VanKirks2015

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